Jumat, 23 Desember 2011


1.      Make a commitment to seriously study on that day. That we come to school not to play but to have a purpose in order to obtain knowledge. Knowledge cannot be obtained by playing. It has to be seriously focused to get it.
2.      Try not to be seated in the back rows for if we are seated in the back rows there are usually many temptations of not being seen by the teachers and their voices not being heard clearly. If you happen to be seated in the back row tell the teacher politely to switch seats with other students every two weeks since it is your right to be seated in good positions.
3.      When the teachers are explaining the lessons, you have to listen to them seriously and see everything that being explained so that we are able to comprehend entirely what are being meant by the teachers. If you do not understand,  just ask him or her politely by raising your hand as a sign of you need to ask. Don’t hesitate! If you hesitate you will lose out, whereas you have already paid your tuition fees.
4.      Homework must be done well and earnestly since the purpose of the homework-given is to increase your understanding and analyzing ability to your subjects. On the highest extent you can relate your homework with other lessons or other problems in your life. For instance there is a relationship between math and building a multi-storey building. If not conducted with the precise calculation then that building will collapse to the ground and will cause many losses including people’s lives inside the building.
5.      If there is a discussion, attend it and follow it well and think of what is the discussion topic and according to your opinion, give responses to the discussion .
6.      Don’t be shy to ask if there is something related to lessons in class you don’t understand.
7.      Don’t forget to review your lessons today at home until you comprehend them well and make summary.
Have a studying; what you do today will give an effect in your future. What you want to become in the years to come will be determined by your learning attitude today.
Presented by: Yohannis Tammu

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