Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

Enhancing The GPA

This is how to do it, Boss!
1.      Pray God to give you good grades.
2.      Set a target of grade 4 (equal to grade 100). Usually if we set such a target, we will pursue it as much as we could so that it will eventually turn into reality. It needs to be remembered that if we set a target, we must seriously pursue it, don’t be lazy. Your learning-hours must be added, don’t sleep too much.
3.      If we want to enhance our grades, we have to have what it is called self-straining (in terms of positives way). For example, if we get sleepy while it is still 8 o’clock, try not to sleep early, “Hey Men, that’s very prohibited for students”. Take a cup of coffee first, do a little exercise and then back to learning your lessons again.
4.      Tell to yourself “Be spirited!” when you get dispirited, tired, moody, so that your spirit will arouse once more to learn your lessons. If you don’t study then you will be left one step behind your friends and that means your ranking will drop one level.
5.      Do all your tasks well and on time since all of those tasks have their own percentages in calculating grades (including being absent or present in class).
6.      Make tricks that suit you in comprehending the given lessons such as memorizing by making the first two letters at each point or putting pictures that could be remembered at every points of memory. Then you choose which one of the two given examples that suits you. If needed, you can ask your teachers or your parents at home.
7.      Discuss with your teachers or your seniors about learning problems or lessons difficulties that you don’t understand clearly.
If you do exactly and seriously the seven points above then your grades will improve significantly. This is very proven Men, do believe!
Presented by : Yohannis Tammu

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