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Teaching Multiplication to Early Childhood Children (Children Under Five Years Old)

Multiplication has so many things to do with other sciences, namely physic, chemistry, math, economy and other applied sciences. Someone who mastered multiplication will be easier for him or her to comprehend sciences associated with it rather than people who are slow to understand multiplication. I saw a lot of kids who had been in third grade elementary school and even some kids who have been in junior high, but they could not memorize or even understand multiplication well. They were somewhat slower to comprehend math and physic than their fellows who were able to comprehend multiplication well. You can imagine that if your children are slow or cannot memorize multiplication, they will have difficulty to understand their lessons.
Therefore, with this article the author tries to give a solution among others thousands of existing solutions to help our children to be able to comprehend multiplication from early age. The following few things I have done which you may implement to your children if it suited them, that is:
  1. Encourage them… Some kind of stimulus that if they could comprehend math then it will make them smart and great.
  2. Show them how to multiply while you are close to them at home. Cite the multiplication as they play in their hearing range (if they are not familiar with letters and numbers).
  3. If our children are already familiar with letters and numbers then we could buy ordinary multiplication table at the price of between 10,000 to 25,000 rupiah. Cite the process of multiplication to them while you and your children play teacher and student. Do it in cheerful environment, do not force them. Do it in the way of as attractive as possible to convey multiplication to their hearts and minds. In this game you have to be serious but relaxed. Give credit to them if they are able to memorize two or three multiplications. For instance, give credit to them if they are able to memorize 1 x 3 = 3. It could be thumb up, or alternatively, you could announce to the entire family at home that “The Kid” could memorize 1x3 very well. Then the entire family greets it with applause. You could carry him/her around at your shoulder then announce that “this is the great child today named ... (mention your child’s name). Or other kinds of credit in accordance with your creativity.
  4. llll If they can write and recognize letters as well as numbers then the other way would be telling them to write multiplication of three, for instance as many as three times in one practice session. After that, give credit to them like the example above.
  5. Do this on daily basis, your children will master multiplication at an early age.
  6. Do not let your child grow until adulthood without knowing how to do multiplication. Their future will be determined by your attitude and your seriousness in teaching your children at home. May this article be useful to you.
Best regards from :Yohannis Tammu

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