Rabu, 21 September 2011

Combats Tumor with Joyful Heart Method

By Yohannis Tammu

A joyful heart is our possession that we should always treasure cause this has agreat value. Why did I say so, because when our heart is always joyful it has influence to our bodies health.
When we are healthy we can do a lot of activities and many creativities can be resulted by that with a very high value if they were done properly.
Some invention/researches which were exposed by experts concerning the roles or contribution from the joyful hearts toward human health. Like what has done and experienced by Norman Cousins from USA himself. He was healed of his severe sickness using the method; making his heart joyful. To make this term easy to remember we just call it the method of joyful heart. This “Joyful Heart Method” is done by watching funny films, that can make him laugh loudly and heartily. As a result he slowly received healing and finally he was totally healed of his severe disease.
This “Joyful Heart Method” also got a support of Dr. Lee Berk who made a research of trying to proof the connection between a joyful heart the human body’s health. The astonishing results that Dr. Lee got after making his 12 – month – research are :
  1. The lowering of epinerphrine hormones and norepinerphine hormones (hormones that causes stress)
  2. HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) increased by 26 percents
  3. Protein C – reactive (marking of an infection, blood vessel and heart disease) lowered by 66  percents.
  4. Activity of T cell (that combats infection) increased
  5. Natural cells killer (that combats tumor) increased
  6. Immunoglobin A antibody (that protects respiratory tracts) increased
  7. Gamma interferon increased (that protects body resistence)
Arthur Stone from the University of New York also gave a contribution of his opinion through his research that has resulted in his invention as follows : The increased antibody to men (96 men are thoroughly examine)
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine : but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

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