Rabu, 21 September 2011

What Would You Use A Remote Power Swith For

By Shawn Bushman

I guess you have noticed in the last couple of years the development in systems for remote power switches. Many really are a little technical to setup but when done can make a massive difference to the people using them. Being mindful of this I want to put together a little report on where these might be used and in actual fact what people are engaging in with these once they purchase them?

1. Restart Computer Servers - Many businesses are not all based in one location and can have only one IT team that are reasonable for the complete network based in the main hq. Sometimes it may be essential to restart a computer device in a branch since there might be some issues. Having remote power enables this type of thing to be accomplished out of hours while no one is there to physically press the switch. Everybody knows the old IT technique of reboot your computer and see what happens, and having this at hand can make a massive difference.

2. Retail Shops - In the past I worked for a retail firm, been in a position to reboot the IT equipment such as the cash till made it possible for updates to happen out of hours. This made a real big difference because you couldn't get to every place simultaneously and would be a logistical nightmare.

3. Home Systems - Been able to manage lamps in your home can make it seem just like you are home. Having the choice to flip on various lamps at home from work (if your stuck at work) can be extremely valuable. Also the option to switch on heating systems if out of the blue there is a cold spell that you just where not expecting or just forgot.

4. Desktop Computer - You caught at the job and you left behind some work at home on the home computer. Been able to power on this on and then using VNC (or some remote software) you can then gain access to your files might be a thing that really helps. When you’re finished you can needless to say power your home Computer down.

These are only a few of the concepts that you may use a remote power switch for. Actually it’s not restricted to these as there is so many other ways people are using these at the moment. I’ve seen one been used to switch on a video camera in a wild birds nest so they can be viewed over time. I’ve noticed one been used by a local store to power on a display screen when changed remotely. This list is endless and many individuals using them for all sorts of tasks.

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