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Quick Tips to Convert Powerpoint Files to DVD

By Softwarebazar

Converting PowerPoint presentations to DVD is a two step process and can be done with the aid of free conversion software that is available in the market. The first step for PPT to DVD conversion involves converting the presentation to video format like AVI or image format like JPG and the second step involves converting the AVI or JPG file to DVD.

This process however involves the usage of several software tools as there is no such software available which can execute all the operations by itself. EM PowerPoint to Video Converter free is a free tool you can always use to convert PPT files to AVI videos. Apart from AVI this tool can effectively convert PPT files to other video formats like WMV and MPG. Although this tool includes a DVD burner it requires VOB or MPG files as inputs.

iSpring Converter Free is another free tool which can be used to convert PowerPoint documents to flash (SWF) files. This converted SWF files can be later converted to AVI format by using SWF2AVI or CamStudio for burning it to DVD. PPT files converted through both these ways can be burned into DVD using DVD Flick which is also a free software and is a very effective one.

PowerPoint Image Copier is another tool which can convert PPT files to JPG images which can be later converted to a DVD slideshow using DVD Slideshow GUI tool which is also a freeware. PowerPoint Image Copier is an effective tool which can capture visual contents of any PPT file as distinct JPG images. This tool scrolls through the slides and take snapshots of them. However, this tool have one disadvantage i.e., if some other image suddenly pops up on the screen it will capture that image into the converted file and you may have to abort the whole process and start again from the beginning. In case you are looking for tools that can work with your Microsoft Powerpoint application please visit our section on download office productivity software

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