Rabu, 21 September 2011

Fighting Cancer With Soursop Leaves
By Yohannis Tammu

 Both cancer and tumor are diseases that have become a scourge, dreadful diseases for people around the world. Cancer treatments that we know all this time are by radiating the cancer cells, or removing the malignant cells from the patients’ body. While researches also continue to be conducted to find the best cancer medicines or healing techniques, herbal medicine named “soursop” has emerged.
The name of “soursop” comes from Dutch language “zuur zak” which means sour fruit. Every part of this plant starts from its flowers, leaves, seeds, skins and roots can be used as traditional medicines.
Inside soursop leaves there are 34 cytotoxic compounds capable of inhibiting as well as killing abnormal-growing cells (cancer cells). In its cancer cells killing task, cytotoxic compounds do not kill good cells in the body,  do not cause nausea & vomiting, body weight loss or hair loss in large quantities.
Soursop leaf also known to contain annonaceous acetogenins which is capable to kill cancer cells 10,000 times more powerful than adriamycin that usually used in treating cancer with chemotherapy.
Soursop leaves usage method as medicine:
1.  Soursop leaves (10-15 leaves) are continuously boiled with three glass of water (600 ml) until the remaining is one glass of stew water. Drink the stew water while warm. Perform this routine for 3-4 weeks. Leaves that should be taken as medicine are the fourth leaves from peak down to the ground until 15 leaves of soursop are taken.
2.  The second way is to consume soursop fruit as much as 150-250 gram/day by blending them into juice.
The reaction will appear after routinely consumed in 3-7 days with frequency of three times in a day. If no effect after consuming soursop leaves for two month, this treatment can be abandoned.

It is necessary to notice that before deciding to consume soursop leaves, you should  first consult with your doctor or herbalist in the clinic where you seek medical attention.

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